Where the Wind Bends Backwards

wind-coverIn Where the Wind Bends Backwards, an intriguing conversation between two cities, two friends, develops and is fused together with tone and imagery. A sense of place, of home, is felt at once but also a sense of loneliness. The “lies the thirst doesn’t tell” opens the book with themes of want and need. Each poem, “a fistful of words packed with heat lightning & thunderclaps of delirium” is a snippet of life in either city. Readers get a glimpse of an often stark yet full dialogue. Bertram and Collins beautifully capture the feeling of a place through images that can surprise the reader: a milk crate of wild fire, the knee-bleeders, the weight of sagging bridge traffic, and peeling fingertips. These poems have a feeling of intense immediacy; an active soul at times meets an apathetic heart. The two inspire each other and by the end you feel the unity of not only friendship, but of place. Where the Wind Bends Backwards is painted with wit and grace.
-Sarah Lilius, author of What Becomes Within

Cover design by Sarah Throne-Ploehn of Rivertown Creative & Co.

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