We accept submissions of book-length prose (creative non-fiction or fiction, novels or short-story collections) with a strong geographic tie or book-length poetry collections targeted to those at least 18 years old (no children’s, middle grade, or young adult). [NOTE: Our definition of “book-length” is at least 25,000 words for prose and 100 pages for poetry total, including all front and back matter.]

Please read these guidelines entirely before submitting; if you do not follow the instructions exactly, we may reply asking you to read these instructions and comply, or we may simply disregard your submission. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Subsidized publishing means that authors help to pay for publishing, though at a much lower rate than you will find with large self-publishing companies. Most small traditional publishers recoup their investments by charging high book prices and providing small royalties to authors. By having authors help us with expenses up front, we can keep book prices lower, thereby making them more attractive to readers, and us able to share a greater percentage of royalties. (See “Additional Information” section below.) The selective part means that we publish a small percentage of submitted titles, like traditional publishers, but unlike other self-publishing companies.

Traditional publishing companies do offer editing services, cover design, formatting, distribution, etc. but self-publishing companies don’t unless you pay extra (often high) fees. When you publish with 918studio press, you will pay a flat rate, which will include everything to which we agree upon up front. Other than to purchase additional author book copies, which you will be able to purchase at a substantially discounted rate, we will not ask you for additional funds. If you have a cover we like, you can format your book as well as our people, or if you have a solid marketing plan, we will consider those skills and adjust the fee accordingly. Depending on everything, we estimate fees to range from $850 to $3,000, which includes at least 40 to 90 copies for you to do with as you wish, ISBN, Library of Congress number and registration, bar code, and everything already mentioned. You will not be obligated to allow us to publish your book until after we offer publication, quote a price, and you sign our agreement.

We are partners in your book’s journey and will strive to support you in the future (even your non-918 titles) as much as we can.

To submit your manuscript for consideration for publication, please follow these instructions.

  1. Email your submission to with “918studio press submission – formerly from LeClaire” in the subject line.
  2. Attach your entire manuscript to the email in PDF format. Do not attach anything to the email besides the PDF manuscript; include all other information in the body of your email.
  3. Provide the following information:
    1. Your full name and pen name if you plan to use one
    2. Your mailing address
    3. Your phone number
    4. The title of your work
    5. The genre of your manuscript
    6. The approximate page count
  4. Please answer the following questions:
    1. Why do you want to publish with 918studio press?
    2. What are your plans (briefly) for marketing your book?
    3. What editing and revision has your manuscript been through so far?
    4. Do you understand that 918studio press is a selective subsidized publisher and what that means? (If not, please scroll up and read these entire guidelines. If you do, please affirmatively answer “Yes” to this question.)

Generally, within one or two months, we will let you know if your manuscript is selected for publication (feel free to follow up via email if you don’t hear back within two months). If we would like to publish your manuscript, we will email you with a detailed questionnaire, which must be answered within ten (10) days. We will use this to create a detailed quote for your project. You will be under no obligation to publish with 918studio press until after you receive your detailed quote and sign the production agreement.

Additional information:
Book Retail Price:

We will negotiate with you, the author, to price your books such that it maximizes profit while at the same time, minimizing reader costs.

Book Reprint Price:

We recommend ordering at least 100 books on reprints but require a minimum of 40 books, for which you will pay a flat rate per book calculated based on actual printing costs plus 20%.

Here’s why we recommend ordering at least 100 books:

Let’s say you have a 50-page chapbook you are selling for $8 each.

If you order 50 copies, you will pay approximately $6.98 per book (1/15/16 prices) for a total of $349. If you sell all of the books, you will make a profit of  about $51. If you order 100, you’d pay about $4.01 per book for a total of about $401. If you sell them all, you’d make a profit of about $399. To make the same $51, you would only have to sell 57 books, so as long as you sell 7 more books than if you’d ordered 50, you’d still be ahead, profit-wise. Of course, there is a certain amount of “holding cost” associated with holding the books, but since we assume they’d be in a closet somewhere at your house, this would be minimal.


For each book we sell directly or through distributors, we will give you, the author, 50% of the profit. If you sell any book directly, you keep all of the profit. Since we get 20% of actual cost on book reprints, you will get an approximately additional 5% profit by selling directly.

Publishing timeline:

We will provide a “publish by” date when we submit our quote to you. How long it will take to get your book published will depend on many factors, including editing required, marketing planning required, and other titles in line ahead of yours.

Good writing deserves to be read