mike-bwMike Bayles, a lifelong, Midwest resident, writes about human connections with nature and with each other. As a child, he found a deep appreciation for nature when he and his parents spent summers at a cottage in Minnesota. In Minnesota, his father worked as a vocational counselor in a prison near Saint Cloud, Minnesota, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom who occasionally sold Avon products. He was an only child who enjoyed visiting his aunts and uncles who lived on farms.

Late in his grade school years, his family moved to Davenport, Iowa, where his father became a sale engineer to sell machine tools to factories. Since the Quad Cities had numerous farm equipment factories, he called the area, “The Farm Equipment Capital of the World.” Mike Bayles studied mostly math and science in high school, but his biggest accomplishment was a term paper he wrote for junior year English where he compared Beowulf and Paradise Lost as epic poems.

In college, he majored in Sociology and took many Psychology courses. He wrote his first short story for a Creative Writing course at Iowa State University. He started college at Iowa State University and completed his B.A. Degree in Sociology at The University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.

After graduation, he worked as a child welfare worker and in marketing research and customer service, and after his father, Robert, died from Alzheimer’s disease, he found his new life by writing poetry and prose.

Mike’s 918studio press work:

Breakfast at the Good Hope Home

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