lode-cover“Through the mining of mineral and personal depths, Nancy Ann Schaefer’s poems recover “artifacts of concord […] tangible reminders of our conjoined / past.” In Search of Lode beautifully reclaims the ironies of finding the pure and infinite in things “preserved like ants in amber—forever young.”
~Stephen Frech, award-winning poet and Milliken University English chair

“With lean and lyrical poems, Nancy Schaefer encourages the reader to consider the art of digging, to mine the poems for their infinite essence.  We sift through everyday moments and events looking for meaning.  And the work is worth the effort: there are little gems and poetic jewels in this collection.”
~Don Cellini, author of Translate into English

“With In Search of Lode, Nancy Ann Schaefer shows us that poetry is indeed a universal language by offering verses in English, Spanish, and Dutch that cross the United States but traverse the world. She makes the common and simple sublime, and the sublime simple to understand with verse that is lyrical yet familiar, as if the lode were the depths of our communal heart songs.”
~Ellen Tsagaris, poet, author & professor

Cover design by Sarah Throne-Ploehn of Rivertown Creative & Co.


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