Ginny Wilson-Peters, et al.

Ginny Wilson-Peters

Ginny Wilson-Peters is the owner of Integrity Integrated, which for twenty years has created authentic leaders, built dynamic leadership teams, and connected leaders around the world. When her team, Shari Baker and Amy Kolner, approached me to help them produce a book to celebrate their twenty-year anniversary in 2019, I suggested the title would be a good fit for 918studio press and its new imprint, Legacy Book Press.

I interviewed Ginny to get her story and then wrote it in a third-person point-of-view, biography style. Shari and Amy solicited leadership stories from individuals Ginny and Integrity Integrated had impacted through the years, which I edited and arranged in the book with help from Shari and Amy.

Therefore, though this author is listed as Ginny, there were actually dozens of authors working on this title. Learn more about An Integrated Life of Leadership: 20 Years of Nurturing & Inspiring Others to Reach for the Stars here. Purchase links will be live on or about May 20, 2019.

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