A New Life and other poems of Living Passion

newlife-coverIn A New Life and other poems of Living Passion, Trisha Georgiou brings into alignment an ample array of human pursuits, not least among them our love of sport, home, travel, faith, and art. Through the various personas Georgiou animates, we are compelled backward toward the most ancient and unifying of spirits. She calls to “The Conductor,” “fill my mind / with flowing melodies. // But, it is the brass that rings. / Singing to my soul…” Georgiou’s collection lovingly illuminates the space between those living their passions and the passionate observer; in these poems, “a new life” of authentic connection comes fervently into being. -Sandra Marchetti, author of Confluence and The Canopy

Most of us have a superficial understanding of the word passion. We sometimes forget its origin. The English word “passion” derives from the Latin passio, which roughly translates to “suffering.” Trisha Georgiou brilliantly captures the duality of passion in her new collection, A New Life and other poems of Living Passion. Players endure the suffering to get to the other side, to the win; artists take a risk, conquering fear out of a drive for creation; and performers ache for the chance to shine on the stages of Broadway. Shakespeare also gave us perhaps the earliest documented use of passion to mean physical love in his play Titus Andronicus. And so we forget that maybe pleasure is only half the equation. She masterfully uncovers life-long endeavors and life-changing events, the large and the small, bringing passion vibrantly to life, thus deepening our understanding of its many forms. -Shea Doyle, poet & playwright

This chapbook of poetry, A New Life and other poems of Living Passion, is for anyone with a passion, whether it is for sports, art, craft, music, or life. Trisha’s work takes us on an intimate journey through all kinds of passions: travel, competition, wood carving, writing, gardening, performing, parenthood, and more. She helps us understand what it’s like to live these passions, even if we’re currently unfamiliar with them. And even better, the poems make us feel the why of them. There is a thread of energy weaved throughout these poems with a message that inspires us to follow our passions and not falter in our own journeys. -Jodie Toohey, author of The Other Side of Crazy and Crush

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