Robin Throne – Gambling the Aisle 2015 Fiction Chapbook Contest Winner

Robin cubecoverGambling the Aisle recently announced on Facebook and Twitter that 918studio press author, Robin Throne, won its 2015 fiction chapbook contest, the third annual, with her flash fiction collection, The CUBE & other flashlings.

When Gambling the Aisle notified Robin that her work had been selected, they said, “Your language bites in unexpected, wonderful ways, and we dig this,” to which Robin said, “[It] was very moving for me that someone actually got it!”

Visual artist, Will Ross, won the cover art for the chapbook, and his intense interpretation of his work also fits so well with the storyline. Read it at

Thoughts about The CUBE & other flashlings from Robin:

This collection was first inspired when I saw Jimmy Carter on Charlie Rose talking about his 2014 book, A Call to Action, and was struck when he said the most dangerous place in the U.S. for women is college campuses. It intrigued me and I began to consider how women who were sexually assaulted in high school or college fare within the power structures of corporate America, and The Cube began to emerge.

I have been writing what I used to refer to as ‘minimalist’ fiction since my master’s degree program in creative writing at Minnesota State University in Mankato, now more than 20 years ago. My thesis was a novella written in a very minimalist style that not everyone really embraced back then. But I kept on with it anyhow. The recent trend with flash fiction has given my work a frame I needed to place it within a fitting subgenre. Most would assume flash fiction is a work less than 1,000 words, and then I saw an online journal that referred to works less than 500 words as ‘flashlings’ and I knew this would give me a disciplined frame for each of these segments of Jennifer’s experience with a thread between them.

Collection synopsis:

If you have ever worked in a corporate cubicle, you might relate to these flashling fiction excerpts from Jennifer’s corporate worklife. It’s 2005 and her company has invested in one of the most artistic cube designs for call centers among Fortune 500s. This collection offers her insights from inside the cube farm.

Robin’s collection is being prepared for publication and sale. In the meantime, you can read Gambling the Aisle’s magazine for Winter 2015 here.